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Upcoming or Current Exhibition:





biskaabiiyang (returning to ourselves)  is a group exhibition investigating Indigenous Futurisms and the interconnectedness of nows through video installation, interactive gaming, mixed media and digital illustrations curated by Emerging Curators Institute Fellow, Juleana Enright. 

Featured artists: Santo Aveiro-Ojeda, Sequoia Hauck, Reyna Hernandez, Elizabeth LaPensée, Coyote Park, and Summer-Harmony Twenish. 

Biskaabiiyang is an Anishinaabeg word meaning the enactment of ‘returning to ourselves’ through the regeneration of our Indigenous ways of knowing. A counter to Western constructs of sovereignty, ownership and time, the works of biskaabiiyang explore the process of decolonization through ancestral knowledge, land stewardship, water protection and body and identity sovereignty. Using the context of an imagined future, we challenge our erasure and create ourselves into being, aligning past, present and future. It is always now.



Opening reception: October 14, 6 – 8 pm

Other public programming dates TBA.

Image credit: Santo Aveiro-Ojeda.