twin cities american indian arts festival 2011

The Twin Cities American Indian Arts Festival will create community space that embraces local strengths and assets, builds neighborhood pride, and strengthen the understanding of American Indian people in the broader community.

While "bricks and mortar" remain important elements to economic development, studies reveal that economically productive communities are grounded in people and their associations with each other. Eighty percent of participants in community cultural activities travel outside their own neighborhoods to attend these events.

This annual festival will support the development of a new and stronger local economy along Franklin Avenue, and reinforce American Indian place and contributions to the area. Bringing a diverse group of people to the community will strengthen the neighborhood as a place for all people to engage with American Indian cultures, and continue to improve the public perception of Franklin Avenue and the greater Phillips neighborhood.

American Indian Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition – featuring top American Indian artists from the Midwest region.
Cultural Demonstrations – featuring individual cultural demonstrations including: porcupine quilling, birchbark basket-making, beading, stone carvings, wild ricing, etc.
Cultural Dance Exhibitions– featuring champion pow-wow dancers and singers from the region including these styles: fancy, jingle, traditional, grass, chicken, etc.
KidZone – hands on activities for children and families including Native art, games and more.
American Indian Foods – featuring delicious Indian tacos, soups, and wildrice, etc.
Indigenous Music Stage - featuring first-class music talents from around Indian Country

For this first year, we will focus on three primary market areas: local neighborhoods, Twin Cities metro area, and greater Minnesota.

Specifically, we will target families with children, art enthusiasts, and the growing market segment interested in American Indian art and cultures. According to a recent report by the McKnight Foundation, contemporary Native art, music, performance and literature have major market potential and is increasingly becoming an honored and distinguishing feature of the state, serving Native communities, residents and tourists.

According to event survey groups, art and cultural festivals are highly attended and attract educated and employed visitors. According to International Events Group, Inc., such festivals generate measurable impact on consumer sales of sponsor products and they provide the most conducive environment for experiential sampling.

The Twin Cities American Indian Arts Festival will provide a wide-range of sponsorship opportunities to meet each sponsors marketing goals through customized programs, including on-site branding, one-to-one marketing and extensive promotional exposure.


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Festival location:
16th and Franklin Avenue
along historic Franklin Avenue in South Minneapolis

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building strong and sustainable communities through cultural arts and entrepreneurship.

(612) 235-4971

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